Disability Awareness

Check back with us for updates on the 2021 March Developmental Disability Awareness Month Luncheon

Summary of the 2020 Luncheon

Date of Event: March 12, 2020

Event Location: Little America Hotel and Resort – 2800 W. Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY 82009

Approximate number of Attendees: 158

Content of the event:

The event focused on Advocacy and celebrating March as Developmental Disability Awareness Month. The Council does this celebrating artists and various mediums of art state wide. Mediums of art included origami, original watercolor paintings, etc. An activity called a “quick draw”, where multiple artists complete a piece of art over an hour, took place during the event.

Wyoming State Advocates in Leadership (WYSAIL), the State’s current leadership group, conducted an activity to start the event off. The Wyoming Arts Council followed WYSAIL and presented on their Council’s grant options, organizations, and various programs that focus on inclusion – the programs include health and wellness, arts and recover, and others that focus diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The main lunch presenters was Leslie O’Hashi with Bodylines Dance Studio, a local dance studio in town. Leslie presented on Bodyline Dance Studio’s various available programs, her detailed training to provide an inclusive studio. She and multiple dancers from her program for a short performance.

Overall, the luncheon was well attended and well received. Attendance was down from last year; the main factor was the uncertainty and precautions taken by individuals during the time of COVID-19. Another factor that was that the event was hosted on a Thursday; Wyoming tends to have more attendance for this event when it is hosted on a Friday. We plan to host the event on a Friday in 2021.

Testimonials were taken during this event. Three questions were asked:

What is something you learned today – what is one thing you will take way from today that you can use in the future?

Two of the response were:

“This was a great connection to programs I did know were available. I plan to contact the programs featured today for my daughter” – Brittany Hankinson-McGovern, Family Member.

“Everyone has talent” –Jennifer Tatro, Person with DD

What impact does that arts have on your life and in your community?

Two responses were:

“It makes everyone smile when you all like art. It helps my self-esteem and yours” – Karlena Bertagnole, Person with DD

“I love any kind of Art, expression is very important and there are so many ways to express yourself it’s beautiful” Kathlyleen Bannon, Family Member

How do you plan to celebrate March Developmental Disability Awareness Month?

Two responses were:

“Keeping positive Attitude for my partners, coming to luncheon and spending time with DD Family Members” Kathlyleen Bannon, Family Member

“DO more in the Community” – Elizabeth Nevin, Person w/ DD

Photos of the 2020 Luncheon

Photo were taken by Christine Kronz of Christine Kronz Photographer, LLC