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As citizens of Wyoming we take great pride in our self-reliance, independence and above all, our freedom. We want Wyoming to be a place where all people can explore and develop their abilities, enjoy productive work and contribute to and participate in their communities.

We all must work toward a world in which we embrace diversity and recognize the potential, ability and value of every human being.

Everything the Council does, each project, event and activity, is driven by and for the good people of Wyoming with and without developmental disabilities. The Council travels the state every five years to speak with individuals about important disabilitiy issues, and it is those issues that are the basis of our Five-Year Plan. You can download the Five-Year Plan or contact the office at 307-777-7230.
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The purpose of the Mini-Grant is to facilitate innovative projects and/or activities in the state that will empower people with developmental disabilities and their families. Projects or activities funded by a Mini-Grant must fulfill the Council’s stated purpose and vision. Learn more...