State of Wyoming 67th Legislature

67th Legislative Budget Session 2024

The council will review bills during the 67th Legislative Budget Session that could have an impact, either directly or indirectly, in the disability community. 

For a full list of bills, please visit 

Leadership and Committee Assignments for the 67th Legislature can be found at this link:

Members of the 2023 Senate: 

Members of the 2023 House: 

Attending a Legislative Meeting 

The Legislature meets in a General Session in odd numbered years, beginning on the second Tuesday of January. The General Session is limited to 40 legislative days. In even numbered years, the Legislature convenes in a Budget Session beginning on the second Monday of February, which typically lasts 20 legislative days. Except for the budget bill, all other bills require a two-thirds vote from the Senate or House for introduction during a Budget Session.

Special sessions may be called at any time by the Governor or the Legislature.

Everything you need to know about attending a legislative session can be found in the  Citizen Guide to the Legislature.

 How to Read a Bill

 State Legislative Process Chart

General protocols for attending session

Providing Floor Handouts

Distribution of floor handouts by the public is limited to electronic submission only. Please email your handout along with the completed handout submission form to members of the House or Senate. Legislator email addresses can be found here.

Important Reminder: When sending a floor handout to legislator(s), please send this form and your handout to In the subject line of the email, please include the floor session and meeting date (e.g. House Floor Session, 2/11/2022). Submission to legdocs is for archival purposes only and you must also send your handout directly to legislators through email.

Delivering Large Floor Distributions

Large floor distributions will not be accepted or distributed during legislative sessions.

Attending a Legislative Committee Meeting

General protocols for attending an in-person committee meeting

Protocol for attending a virtual committee meeting

Providing written materials to the committee at an in-person meeting during the legislative session

Staying up to date

Other helpful information

How do I make an effective presentation to the committee?