Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 

Annual Advocacy Luncheon

In Wyoming, we host an annual luncheon that focuses on advocacy efforts in the State of Wyoming. We use the activity to feature and highlight presenters that focus on advocacy topics that are trending, especially in state. Presenters include individuals with lived experience that tell their story, and, organizations or state agencies that have new or ongoing programs and resources that benefit individuals, family members, and their communities. We also have a resource hour where various organizations have tables for people to access resources and make connections that can have a positive impact and help assist in a variety of ways. It also is a great networking opportunity where individuals and organizations come together and form relationships and strengthen current relationships. 

This year, panelists from Wyoming Independent Living, Ark Regional Services, Protection and Advocacy, and the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council will discuss peer advocacy programs, informed choice and choice within a responsibility, voting rights, and voting access

The resource hour will include a variety of organizations to showcase their current work and available resources from organizations and agencies including Protection and Advocacy, the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, Wyoming Independent Living, Parent Information Center, Wyoming Relay, and more!

Registration is now open - We hope to see you there!

**Registration closes March 1, 2023**

There is no cost to attend this activity. 

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